Overview of the resources available via this Platform.

On this page, we list our ‘resources’. Resources are sets of information focused on a given topic relevant to data-driven life science in Sweden. Each resource includes valuable information that we have compiled in order to aid you with your research. The topic of a resource could be, for example, the compute resources available for data-driven life science research in Sweden. Resources differ from services in that resources are just for information, whilst services are something that can be used directly in research (e.g. a tool or database).

To find relevant resources, simply use the search function located at the top of this section.

We will continue to expand this section over time. If you have a suggestion for a resource, or if you require further support in the areas considered in this section, please get in touch.


Alternative metrics for impact
Information about alternative metrics, including what they are, their importance to your research, and how to maximise your scores.
Type: Alternative metrics
Compute resources in Sweden
Information about the compute resources (primarily for hosting and analysis) available in Sweden, as well as how to apply.
Type: Compute resources
Data sources
Sources of data that can potentially be used by researchers in Sweden. The list includes places where data and be accessed and/or submitted.
Type: Data sources
Storage resources in Sweden
Information about the storage resources available in Sweden for researchers, as well as how to apply.
Type: Storage resources